• Waldmann Hybrid

    The hybrid task pendant features a clear, cubic design with an anodized aluminum housing and 12 LED lamps that lend the luminaire a modern, almost futuristic appearance. The hybrid is the first luminaire of its type in which LED technology is used as both area light and task light – made possible by Waldmann’s specially designed optical system. Our unique design focuses the light from individual LEDs and directs it evenly and glare-free onto the work area. The indirect light of the hybrid also owes its high level of efficiency to cutting-edge reflector geometry: It projects the light of two high-output and energy-efficient T5 fluorescent lamps widely and evenly onto the ceiling, creating a soft ambient light component along with the crisp, high-quality LED downlighting.

    • Unique combination of LED's and fluorescent lamp sources, controled by two separate circuits.
    • Exclusive, slim panel design, with a profile of only 1".
    • Energy-saving technology is environmentally friendly.
    • Individually adjustable lighting comfort, thanks to individual switching and dimming functions.

  • Waldmann Ataro Pendant

    A complete series of energy efficient luminaires ideal for a wide variety of applications. Equipped with AMBIO, a new, exclusive glare-free technology designed by Waldmann, the Ataro generates a broad distribution of light while using a minimum amount of energy. Free standing, desk mounted, pendant and wall mounted versions are available.

    • Equipped with new, innovative glare-free technology designed by Waldmann.
    • Sleek, contemporary design blends with any decor.
    • Fixture can be positioned anywhere – even directly above a monitor or workstation, due to glare-free illumination.
    • High efficiency of  >90% due to AMBIO microprismed reflector.
    • Ergonomically friendly and energy efficient.