• Waldmann Taneo

    TANEO - An all-round talent for working with optimum light

    An uncompromising lighting solution is essential wherever your eyes are put to the test. Whether in manufacture, assembly, quality assurance or analysis, whether in labs, or the electronic, metal or watch industries: TANEO is a truly universal talent.
    • 14, 24, or 34-watt versions
    • 4000K or 5000K color temperature
    • Dimming capability 100% to 10%
    • Maintenance-free LED technology with a service life of up to 50,000 hours and more.
    • Anodized aluminum housing 
    • Spring-balanced arm or system-mounted versions
    • Touch panel integrated in the luminaire head for On/Off and dimming
    • Choice of glare-free clear prismatic lens or translucent lens
    • 100-240V, 50/60Hz (USA Plug)
    • ETL/cELT approved

  • Waldmann ALD

    ALD - Practical and Fuctional

    The ALD arm-mounted task light impresses with the latest LED technology, as well as its 3D head joint and strong anodized aluminum arm for precise positioning capabilities. The conveniently placed touch-panel allows for on/off or continuous dimming, and the glare-free, specially-designed lens,helps to ensure ergonomic comfort.
    • Premium LED technology
    • Ergonomic design with 3D head joint
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI) >80
    • 5000 K color temperature
    • Touch panel: on/off and dimming
    • Continuously dimmable 100% to 10%
    • Strong anodized aluminum arm and polycarbonate lens
    • Includes table clamp (0 – 2.7 inch span)
    • Includes 10 foot cable with plug
    • 100-240V, 50/60Hz (USA Plug)
    • ETL/cELT approved

  • Waldmann Tameto

    TAMETO - Ergonomic systematic lighting

    This rugged work fixture offers a broad light output for workbenches and assembly workstations. Available in LED or energy-efficient T5 fluorescent technology, the TAMETO's sealed design makes it ideal for any type of environment.

    • Various lengths for different table sizes and lighting needs
    • Continually dimmable with memory function
    • Glare- and flicker-free
    • Option of fluorescent or LED technology
    • Rugged aluminum housing with seamless design to keep dust out
    • Ability to daisy-chain several lights together
    • ETL approved

  • Waldmann - WLA 3700

    • Broad light output for assembly workstations
    • 5000K color temperature with CRI>80
    • Three lengths to match any work space size
    • 50,000 hours maintenance-free LED technology
    • All models designed for thru-wiring capability
    • Strong anodized aluminum housing
    • Sealed to protect inner workings from environmental dust and other particles

  • Waldmann - SAMCE-236

    The SAM Series offers modular construction and design that is adaptable to a broad range of production and assembly workstations. Compact fluorescent lamps ensure maximum light output directed onto the work area in a controlled and glare-free manner. An ESD version is available for electronic assembly and electronic inspection workstations. The SAM Series is designed to work in 2ft, 3ft or 4ft configurations. Also suitable for use on any truss system requiring added illumination for specific tasks and applications.

    These luminaires can be used independently or in combinations to extend over long assembly areas. Glare-free illumination is provided by a semi-specular, micro-grid louver designed to focus light downward on to the work surface. An integral switch on each unit allows individual control. Most models feature electronic ballasts for maximum energy efficiency, lamp and ballast life. The extruded aluminum housing is compact, modern and rugged enough to withstand incidental contact without damage.

    • Universal mounting for most workstations.
    • Designed for use in dry locations.
    • Sturdy extruded aluminum housing.
    • Standard 120V connection.
    • Energy-saving CFL lamp provides high output and long lamp life (10,000 hrs).
    • SAMCE models operate from 120-277V.
    • Designed for easy mounting direct to truss or structural members.
    • Parabolic louvers offer precise light direction and control.