Ideal for the inspection of conformal coatings. Coatings glow brilliantly under UV black illumination, especially when magnified through a five-diopter (2.25X) optical-quality glass lens. Perfect for inspection of welds, solder joints, flux residues and hairline stress cracks. Additional applications include inspection of surfaces and finishes in fields such as criminology, museum and artwork restorations, document authenticity, leak detection, currency verification and gemstone and mineral inspection.

  • The ultimate inspection magnifier. Its dual switching feature allows for use as a Wood's lamp and for normal inspection.
  • Two 4-watt (F4T5/BLB) ultraviolet bulbs produce black light for inspections using UV sensitive materials. Immediately reveals defects, cracks, contaminants, etc., that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • Two 4-watt (F4T5/D) white fluorescent bulbs for normal inspection.
  • 5 diopter, precision ground optical lens with wide rectangular (4"x2.5") viewing area provides 125% magnification.
  • Lightweight, well-balanced. Gets at hard to reach areas.
  • Made of high-grade, injection molded Noryl thermoplastic material that is self-extinguishing, non conductive, non-dripping. Eliminates problem of contact with equipment or machinery under inspection.
Unit of Measure

Total Light Output

N/A 4 Watts


N/A 5

Viewing Area

N/A 4" x 2"


N/A 125 %


N/A Gray

Country of Origin