Effective October 1st, 2015 Fostoria Discontinued the Metal Sheath Elements. The flat panel emitter is a total element replacement for the metal sheath elements.

Advantages of Flat Panel Emitter:

  • 25,000 hour life - Metal Sheath Elements had a 5000 hour life. These last 5X as long.
  • 30% Energy Savings - Flat Panel Emitters have a 78.5% radiant efficiency (Metal Sheath was 50%). The required wattage output using these new emitters is considerably less, yet achieving the same delivered heat output.

All metal sheath elements and reflectors are replaced by one complete unit including:

  • The flat panel emitter.
  • All mounting hardware to convert the metal sheath elements to the flat panel emitter.
  • All hardware and components for power connection requirements.
  • A heavy-duty wire guard for units that do not have one as standard equipment.
Unit of Measure

Model No.

N/A 1361302


N/A 9500 Watts


N/A 480 V

Fits Model

N/A FHK-1348-3A

Country of Origin