• 3-diopter (1.75X) or 5-diopter (2.25X) optical-quality primary lens
    - 4, 6 and 10-diopter STAYS lens available
  • Electronic ballast
  • Instant-on switch ignites the fluorescent tube and creates a "flicker-free" light that eliminates the stroboscopic effect on machinery such as a lathe or drill press
  • Patented internal spring Arm
  • A 30" or 45" K-arm offers an infinite number of adjustable positions. once adjusted, perfect balance is maintained by tempered steel springs. There are no knobs to tighten, nothing to adjust
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • 5" diameter lenses are mounted in a durable non-corrosive aluminum housing. White inner reflector to optimize and evenly distribute light
  • Heavy-Duty Clear Diffuser protects the 22-watt energy-efficient fluorescent tube
  • Minimum Clearance Bracket (included with edge clamp models) allows for almost zero clearance (Approx. ¼" clearance) between adjacent benches. It also provides more freedom of movement by raising the swivel point of the magnifier 2" higher above the bench surface. Its increased "jaw" size permits it to be clamped to surfaces up to 2 ¾" thick
  • Black, White, and Light Gray
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • 5 year warranty
Unit of Measure

Model No.

N/A 17113LG

Total Light Output

N/A 22 Watts


N/A 45 in


N/A 3

Lens Diameter

N/A 5 in


N/A Edge Clamp


N/A Light Gray

Country of Origin

N/A Norway