ALE- Color Rendering for Large work areas

For detailed inspection, the right light is crucial for insuring product quality and uniformity. The Waldmann vertical illuminator, ALE 458, offers bright, large-area illumination for inspection stations requiring precise color rendering and evaluation. The ALE 458 is designed for use in printing applications, equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, textile manufacturing, paint shop applications and general material inspection. Waldmann vertical illuminators are designed for professional inspection applications requiring precise color matching as well as detailed visual inspection of surfaces, material quality and consistency.
With precise optics and special color corrected lamps utilizing a "daylight" color temperature of 5300K, the ALE 458 offers the highest color rendering available from a fluorescent luminaire. Due to the special 58W T8 color corrected lamps, the lamps should be replaced after approx. 2,000 operating hours due to spectral shifts. An operation timer is incorporated into the housing to indicate when lamps need to be replaced.

  • Inspection luminaire for large areas that require high color rendering performance.
  • Evenly distributed lighting for large areas.
  • Sturdy, professional grade, heavy duty construction and optics insure durability.
  • Operating hour timer is integrated into steel housing to indicate lamp replacement due to spectral deviations.
  • Designed for precise color matching.
  • Ideal for paint and printing applications.
Unit of Measure

Light Output

N/A 4 x 58-watt T8


N/A 120 to 240 V