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The Waldmann SNE-136 provides broad ambient light to work areas and provides daylight illumination by incorporating a 5400K bulb. It is ideal for use in dental labs and inspection areas.

  • 36-watt, 5400K compact fluorescent lamp which provides bright, even illumination (4100K and 6000K available).
  • 35" Reach.
  • Electronic ballast built into the arm provides additional energy efficiency and flicker free illumination.
  • Parabolic louver provides glare-free illumination and precise light direction - Ideal for inspecting highly reflective surfaces.
  • Ergonomic arm and joint design, complete with flexible spring-loaded base, adds to the adjustability of the light.
  • A 3-diopter (1.75X) clip-on magnifier (6.38" x 4.13") is optional.
  • Add-X lenses which increase magnification are available.
  • An industrial grade clamp is included.
  • UL and CUL Listed.
  • 2-year warranty.
Waldmann - SNE-136
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138462003 N/A Waldmann SNE-136 Workstation Light N/A N/A 35 in $473.40
190182019-00078702 N/A 3-diopter, clip-on magnifier N/A 3 N/A $194.00
190080019 N/A ADD-X Magnifier, 4d N/A 4 N/A $109.00
190080029 N/A ADD-X Magnifier, 4d + 12d N/A 4 + 12 N/A $133.00
190186019-00009644 N/A Waldmann Table Base N/A N/A $168.00
D15595000 N/A Waldmann Caster Stand N/A N/A $231.00
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