The ideal light for OB/GYN's and other specialists who need an extremely cool, high-intensity light in a pre-focused spot.

Using a 20-watt halogen bulb and a special optics system, Burton's Super Bright Spot is virtually heat-free. Plus, the Super Bright Spot is superior to fiber optic units in value, durable operation, large 4"-5" spot size and long 1,000-hour bulb life. Due to its proven reliability, Burton offers a extraordinary five-year warranty on the Super Bright Spot. The Super Bright Spot is available with a sturdy, sag-resistant gooseneck for tighter spaces. The floor model's compact caster base provides exceptional utility and reliability.

  • 5185 Footcandles (56,000 Lux).
  • 3700K color temperature (natural coloring).
  • 20-watt halogen bulb with 1,000-hour bulb life.
  • 4" - 5" spot size (much larger than fiber optic lights).
  • Dichroic reflector filters out infrared to keep the beam cool.
  • High-quality, space-saving 4-caster base system - safe and flexible portable movement with locking feature in 2 of 4 casters.
  • 115V model standard; 230V models available.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • UL 60601-1/60601-2-41 Certified.
  • Made in the USA.
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SB40FL N/A Burton Super Bright Spot N/A Floorstand $828.00
SB40W N/A Burton Super Bright Spot N/A Wall Mount $828.00
0007000PK N/A Super Bright Spot / Supernova Replacement Bulbs (Set of 4). N/A $106.00
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